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About Us

Canterbury Public School is a progressive, child centered, co-educational unaided private, recognised school, committed to providing quality education for all its pupils & it was established in 1982.

CPS provides opportunities and a positive environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. In an atmosphere of mutual support, equality and dignity, each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence within the framework of an extensive and diverse curriculum.

Our school strives for excellence and equity and aims to empower students with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Teaching and learning programmes focus on developing competencies in critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, cooperation, citizenship and social justice. Emphasis is placed on student welfare, individualized learning programmes.

CPS is a manifestation of the vision and passion of

Mr. K.C. Gupta who felt a strong need to build an alternative model of school education in Delhi.


Canterbury Public School is the outcome of the deep aspirations and values of Sh.K.C.Gupta the founder and the Chairman. His vision is to contribute meaningfully towards nation building by creating institutes that nurture children into compassionate and deep thinkers. Children, who have a deep sense of responsibility and will be leaders in their respective fields. In his words, "The purpose of education must coincide with the larger life purpose of those being educated" says Sh. K.C.Gupta The founders have deep faith in the Science of Living, health, value, emotional and spiritual education. It works on the proven relationships between forms of transcendental meditation, yoga and the endocrine system to create individuals who live a balanced life and remain in touch with their own inner being. CPS comes from a desire towards filling a gap in the education landscape of a school, which offers world-class quality. We strive to achieve world-class quality in all whatever we do. Be it curriculum, teacher recruitment & training, or infrastructure. Our reference will be the world and not India alone. We will seek inspiration and ideas from schools and experts across the globe. No doubt these need to be adapted to the Indian context and to the resource constraints.

School Motto

The school motto is
Vidya Dadati Vinayam in its most simplistic translation from Sanskrit to English means

From knowledge comes the humility

School's Objectives

Aim of school is to create holistic development of its students right from their formative years. School focuses on a curriculum that gives equal importance to both academic as well as co-curricular activities. The academic curriculum is such that it does not put strain on the minds of the young ones but it rather aims at interactive approach and hence there always exists a friendly relationship between teacher and the child.

* To foster simple value of life in the child at all levels, ensuring promotion of rich Indian values.

* To provide conducive environment to tap the hidden talents of the students.
* To channelise the student's latent potentialitial and help them to realize their capabilities.
* To provide a judicious blend of academics and curricular activities for overall personality development of the student.
* To provide comprehensive programme giving impetus to the student's physical growth, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and moral development.


The school is divided into four houses –Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Justice Each child is allotted a house when he/she join and inter house activities form an important part of the school calendar. Each house symbolises our belief in the richness of CPS , which is a richness of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

: reinforces our belief that all the people are equal and hence they should be treated equally.
LIBERTY: emphasizes that every individual must avail liberty.
FRATERNITY : inspires everyone to inculcate the spirit of brotherhood to live in peace.
JUSTICE: embodies unbiased attitude towards every individual.

School Management

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT The School Managing Committee consists of a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals from various walks of life. The committee is responsible for providing the basic policy framework and guidelines, judicious management of finances and making senior appointments.

Our Staff

The faculty at CPS is trained, highly qualified and experienced with an excellent track record of having successfully delivered the various curricula the school offers in the past several years. Selected by a rigorous process of test demonstrations and personal interviews our teachers are innovative and creative in their delivery while empathizing and synergizing with the children.

The teachers at CPS are excited about learning, are strong communicators with high levels of excitement about their subjects and about creativity. With a generosity of mind and spirit our teachers are open and flexible to change and the Management provides them all trust and support in innovating their techniques and methodologies.


Located in B-Block, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053 in Trans Yamuna area of Delhi.


Registration Forms for admissions are available in the school office.

Admissions to Nursery and KG classes are open in the month of January prior to the academic session for which the admission is sought.

Admissions to classes I to IX will depend on the availability of seats.


The school year begins in April and concludes in March. The school calendar is well planned encompassing various academic and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

School System

The School is affiliated to the CBSE and follows the academic framework laid by the NCERT and CBSE.

The teaching methodology is innovative and child-centered. This encourages the children to be keen learners and also to think rationally.

At the Primary level, children are encouraged to grow at their own pace enabling the teachers to draw out the best in them.

The Middle School syllabus is a fine blend of academic and extra curricular activities. The creativity and latent talent in each child takes a concrete shape here.

In the Senior School, stress is laid on academics so that the pupils are well prepared for the ensuing Board exams. At the same time the talent in each is further nurtured.

Moral and value education is an integral part of the school system.

School Times

In Summer:- 8.00 am to 1.30 pm
In winter:- 8.30 am to 2.00 pm

Scheme of Work

PRE-PRIMARY - NURSERY & KG : Language Development, Number Work, Value Education, Games, Dance, Music, Art & Craft.

EARLY PRIMARY - Std I & II : English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Studies, Elocution, Computer Skills, General Knowledge, Value Education, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Art & Craft.

LATE PRIMARY - Std. III & IV : English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Computers, General Knowledge, Elocution, Value Education, Physical Education, Yoga, Dance, Music, Art & Craft.

MIDDLE SCHOOL - St. V - VIII : English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science & Technology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Sciences (History, Geography, Civics), Physical Education, Computers, SUPW, Performing Art & Visual Art.

SECONDARY SCHOOL - Std. IX & X : English, Hindi / Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science and Social Science are compulsory subjects. Regular classes in Computers, Physical Education, Work Experience and Art Education including both Performing Art and Visual Art.
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